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揭阳生产五金已有数百年历史,是我国五金文化的主要发祥地之一。 揭阳五金现有日用五金、建筑五金、装潢五金,工具五金等十几个门类, 近万个品种,产值每年都以30%的速度递增,全市五金生产企业2600多家,固定资产总额147.8亿元, 年销售额超亿元的企业有17家,超5000万元的有36家,超500万元的有335家,配套和相关企业近千家。

“揭阳造”五金产品畅销全国各大中城市以及全球150多个国家和地区,是目前我国最大的五金生产基地之一。 特别是不锈钢,在全国具有较大的影响力,不锈钢制品占全国市场的30%左右。 在我国西北和西南市场,揭阳市不锈钢制品所占的市场份额高达60%以上。

Jieyang has been producing hardware for hundreds of years and is one of the main birthplaces of China hardware culture. Jieyang Hardware has more than ten categories of daily hardware, construction hardware, decoration hardware, tool hardware, etc., with nearly 10,000 varieties, and the output value is increasing at a rate of 30% every year. There are more than 2,600 hardware manufacturers in the city, with a total fixed assets of 14.78 billion. There are 17 enterprises with annual sales exceeding 100 million RMB, 36 enterprises exceeding 50 million RMB, 335 enterprises exceeding 5 million RMB, and nearly 1,000 supporting and related enterprises.

"Made in Jieyang" hardware products sell well in major and medium cities across the country and more than 150 countries and regions around the world. It is currently one of the largest hardware production bases in my country. In particular, stainless steel has great influence in the country, and stainless steel products account for about 30% of the national market. In the northwest and southwest markets of China, the market share of stainless steel products in Jieyang is as high as 60%.

Jieyang aiyida stainless steel enterprise co., Itd.
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