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作为中国不锈钢餐厨具制品基地、广东省不锈钢制品产业集群升级示范区,云浮市新兴县不锈钢制品产业的发展,一直备受国内外各界关注。2020年受海外疫情的影响,新兴县作为制造强县,以外贸出口为主营业务的不锈钢行业面临前所未有的考验。面对复杂多变的国内外经济形势,新兴不锈钢餐厨具产业以加速智能化转型等抓手沉着应对,成功实现逆势飘红。 云浮海关统计数据见证了上述转型的成效:2020年1—8月,新兴县外贸进出口总值22.6亿元,同比增长5.8%。其中,1—8月,不锈钢餐厨具出口保持增长8.6%,铝制餐厨具出口增长53.3%,对新开拓的市场出口保持向好,对俄罗斯出口大幅增长9.9倍;表现出新兴县餐厨具出口产业多元化发展取得成效。

As the base of stainless steel tableware and kitchenware products in China and a demonstration area for upgrading the stainless steel product industry cluster in Guangdong Province, the development of the stainless steel product industry in Xinxing County, Yunfu City has always attracted attention from all walks of life at home and abroad. Affected by the overseas epidemic in 2020, Xinxing County, as a strong manufacturing county, faces an unprecedented test in the stainless steel industry whose main business is foreign trade export. Faced with the complex and changing economic situation at home and abroad, the emerging stainless steel tableware and kitchen utensils industry has responded calmly by accelerating the intelligent transformation, and successfully achieved a boom against the trend. Statistics from Yunfu Customs have witnessed the effect of the above transformation: From January to August 2020, the total foreign trade import and export value of Xinxing County was 2.26 billion RMB, a year-on-year increase of 5.8%. Among them, from January to August, the export of stainless steel kitchen utensils maintained an increase of 8.6%, the export of aluminum kitchen utensils increased by 53.3%, the export to the newly developed market remained good, and the export to Russia increased by 9.9 times; Industrial diversification has achieved results.

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